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Developing and Sustaining Excellent Packaging Labelling and Artwork Capabilities

Andrew Love – VP, Be4ward

Making Pharmaceutical Packaging that is Easy for Elderly People to Open

Stephen Wilkins – Chief Executive, Child Safe Packaging Group

Pharmaceutical Packaging in the Digital Age

Grant Courtney – Principal Consultant, Be4ward

Serialisation in 2020 – Delivery and Challenges

Andy Cumming – Managing Consultant, Be4ward

Orange Peel Brings CBD to Life – Developing Applications in Pharma

Alison Taylor,
Division Manager,

Silke Hilmer,
Director Global Marketing – Aroma Molecules Division,

Zoomlab™ – Your Virtual Formulation Assistant

James Hart – Manager, Technical Service Pharma Ingredients & Services, Europe, BASF

Overcoming The Social Distancing Challenges While Maintaining On-going Quality and Training Compliance

David Thompson, Principal Consultant, Clarity Compliance Solutions Ltd

Dominic Parry, Managing Director, Inspired Pharma Trading Ltd

Response of Pharma to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Crisis as an Opportunity

Dr Duncan Emerton, Director, Custom Intelligence and Analytics, Informa Pharma Intelligence

Daniel Chancellor, Director, Thought Leadership, Informa Pharma Intelligence

To overcome challenges when formulating Oral-Dispersible-Tablets

Ms. Shilpa Mistry, Chemlink Specialities (Harke Pharma)

Oral-Dispersible-Tablets can be a challenge to formulate due to the high friable tablet, fast disintegration time and good stability. This presentation will cover four excipients that you can use formulate ODT  and conclude with advantages and disadvantage of each product.

How to select activated carbon for pharmaceutical applications

Karla Noortman, Cabot in conjunction with Brenntag

A short introduction in activated carbon for pharmaceutical applications and how to select the best carbon for the application.
(Defining purpose, conditions and testing)

API Supplier Qualification and how to make your Change Control more meaningful

Nick Carter, Wessex Fine Chemicals

This talk will review the regulatory you need to qualify a new API source but also look at other elements of the risk assessment which can make the Change Control process less of an end in itself and more outcomes-focussed.

It’s in the detail!

Richard Clarke, IWT Pharma by Tecniplast

Customised racking and basket design are essential to achieve outstanding cleaning for a wide range of applications such as hoses, punches, aspect filling lines etc. Baskets and racks need to be specifically designed to meet organisations individual washing requirements! This presentation will discuss the importance of perfect water coverage, the correct water solution and affective drying of component parts.

Fast and efficient viral vaccines purification with sucrose density.

Juha Paldanius, Vaisala Oyj

In this session Vaisala’s Liquid Measurements pharmaceutical expert Juha Paldanius, will explain the benefits of the refractive index technology and how it helps downstream processes during purification of viral vaccines manufacturing. This session is of interest to all viral vaccine manufacturers.

SPINE FIBO: Combining Quality Inspection, Counting and Bottle Filling Into One Process.

Miha Možina, Sensum d.o.o

SPINE FIBO is the world’s first machine to visually inspect all surfaces of each product (tablet, capsule or softgel), reject faulty products and immediately fill bottles only with good ones. In the webinar, we’re going to present our new machine that combines two individual processes and offers a solution that significantly reduces the costs and risks of the entire pharmaceutical production process.

Pharmaceutical Excipients: The Need for Remote Audits in the Time of COVID-19

Dr Iain Moore, President, EXCiPACT

Hosting a Regulatory Inspection – How to Keep Your Licence and Your Sanity

Madeleine Ault, SeerPharma (UK)

Madeleine Ault, Senior Associate Consultant, SeerPharma (UK)

Pharmaceutical Packaging; Opportunities in the Digital and Smart Age

Chris Waterhouse, Managing Director, iDiPac

Martin Smith, Sales Director EMEA, Kallik

Accelerating Innovation

Sanjay Patel, The Packaging Collective

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