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BASF – ZoomLab™ Your Virtual Pharma Assistant

ZoomLab™ is a free online tool to remove needless trial and error from the drug formulation process by instantly testing and predicting multiple aspects of an oral solid dosage formulation.

British Pharmacopoeia 2022
Official UK and European standards

12234 BP 2022 Slipcase Mac iPad 3D NO TSO LOGO

The British Pharmacopoeia is used in over 100 countries by organisations involved in pharmaceutical research, development, manufacture, quality control and analysis.
Our online formats are the best way to ensure products comply with legal standards.
Various access options are available to suit your company’s size and needs.

BCM Analytical Services – NEW WEBSITE NOW LIVE

CPHI Advert.

BCM Analytical Services, part of Fareva, are an MHRA and FDA approved contract laboratory. Our services include Method Development and Validation, Release Testing, Stability studies and Micro Analysis.

Containment Isolators validated to <200 picograms/m3

Telstar has been supplying containment Isolators for operator protection for over 25 years, resulting in a portfolio of installed units all around the world. Supplied as stand-alone Isolators or as integrated Isolator solutions, Telstar Isolators are designed with the operators’ requirements, comfort and safeguard.

IKA Rotavisc Viscometer

The ROTAVISC viscometer series determines the viscosity of liquids in all areas of application. Regardless of a simple or demanding viscosity measurement – the ROTAVISC viscometer delivers rapid and accurate results.

Clean and Pure steam solutions for sterile production environments

Pharmaceuticals 39

Spirax Sarco’s system engineering experience can help you comply with stringent industry legislation, health and safety and cGMP. Our innovative solutions will ensure that the correct quantity, quality and purity steam will reach your process at all times.

Aseptic Isolator systems designed to supply solutions adhering to regulatory standard and GMP guidelines

Telstar Image 2

Telstar has been supplying aseptic barrier Isolators for product and operator + product protection for over 25 years, resulting in a growing number of installations all around the world. Telstar aseptic Isolators combined with third party equipment such as automated filling lines for liquids and powders, significantly reduce the risk presented by direct human intervention and are increasingly being prescribed by the pharma industry.

Understanding the quality of your steam can help you to target process improvements –
Spirax Sarco 

Audit 9

If you are looking to identify savings, understand your steam quality and at the same time improve the efficiency of your steam system then an audit and steam quality test may be just what you need.

Pharmaceutical LIMS Manages QC Testing and Drives Conformance to Regulatory Requirements


The Matrix Gemini Pharmaceutical LIMS is designed specifically for regulated manufacturing industries. Manage testing and batch disposition, stability testing, production records and more with our highly configurable Pharmaceutical LIMS.

PrintinspectorTM: In-line print inspection system for thermal transfer printed labels

PI ZT620 without Zebra head plate

PrintInspectorTM seamlessly integrates to industrial thermal transfer printers, e.g. Zebra. It protects content integrity and print quality by scanning and identifying defective labels at the point-of-printing, preventing their application to good product.

Endotoxin Screening at Wickham Laboratories
Wickham Labs

Wickham-A180a - Endotoxin

The technical experts at Wickham Laboratories conduct screening for the presence of bacterial endotoxins on a wide range of products  to ensure these are safe and fit for their intended purpose.

Magic Lab/Plant

magic_PLANT_inline (1)

The IKA magic PLANT is a laboratory scale process plant for batch mixing and emulsifying of low viscous masses up to masses just about capable of flowing. It is well suited for processing of products from the pharmaceutical industries…

LineDirectorTM: centralised batch data control system for compliant management of line peripherals

Crest Solutions website photography at TEVA, Waterford on Tuesday, 20 December 2016.
Photography by Brendan Duffy.

LineDirectorTM manages communication between enterprise software platforms and line-level peripherals to centrally deliver batch variable data to printers, cameras, laser markers, RFID devices, checkweighers etc.  By eliminating manual entry into multiple devices, it delivers both efficiencies in batch set-up time and increased security through a CFR21 Part 11-compliant data entry system with full audit trail

Sterility Assurance from Wickham Laboratories
Wickham Labs

Wickham-A361a - Sterility

At Wickham Laboratories, we offer traditional MF, SteritestTM, and DI sterility testing methods to provide absolute assurance that your products are safe through robust, repeatable and validated testing.

Master Plant


The IKA Master Plant homogenizing and emulsifying system is a universal mixing system developed for the production of emulsions and suspensions in the pharmaceuticals industry.

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