Live HUB – Day 2

To overcome challenges when formulating Oral-Dispersible-Tablets

Ms. Shilpa Mistry
Chemlink Specialities (Harke Pharma)

Oral-Dispersible-Tablets can be a challenge to formulate due to the high friable tablet, fast disintegration time and good stability. This presentation will cover four excipients that you can use formulate ODT  and conclude with advantages and disadvantage of each product.

How to select activated carbon for pharmaceutical applications

Karla Noortman
Cabot in conjunction with Brenntag

A short introduction in activated carbon for pharmaceutical applications and how to select the best carbon for the application.
(Defining purpose, conditions and testing)

API Supplier Qualification and how to make your Change Control more meaningful

Nick Carter
Wessex Fine Chemicals

This talk will review the regulatory you need to qualify a new API source but also look at other elements of the risk assessment which can make the Change Control process less of an end in itself and more outcomes-focussed.